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How much does property styling cost?

Property styling fees vary depending on the scope of each project. However, property styling almost always costs less than the first price reduction of your selling price.

Why do I need to style my home for sale?

Because you have 90 seconds to make a lasting impression! Statistics show that styled homes sell on average twice as fast as unstaged homes and for more money. Why suffer through endless open houses when you can move on with your life with a quick house sale?

As it is difficult for most homeowners to view their home in an objective way – using our trained objective eye, we are able to advise you on what exactly needs to be done to effectively prepare your home for sale.

Selling a home is like selling a dream or a lifestyle. Even though buyers will not be buying your house in its staged condition, they will be attracted to it because it represents a lifestyle to which they aspire.

Do we need to furnish & style our vacant home?

Definitely! Only 10% of potential buyers can visualise the potential of a room. An empty space makes it hard for them to imagine the placement of their furniture and even the intended use of some rooms.

A vacant house may also give the impression that you are anxious to sell, motivating the buyer to present a lower offer.

Vacant homes show every sin! With no furniture in the room, buyers focus their attention on any possible negative features and make a room look smaller.

By bringing in some rental furniture ( a little goes a long way! ) an empty shell becomes a warm and inviting space.

When should we style our home?

The best time to style your home is before you list it on the market as the first few weeks of a new listing generate the most interest. However, it is never too late to style your property. If your home is already on the market, it may be in your best interest to take it off and then re-list it after styling is completed.

Isn’t decorating and styling the same thing?

No, styling is actually more like ‘un-decorating’ because a house with too much personality is harder to sell. Even tasteful, expensive collections become distractions and may need to be removed.

Decorating is designing a space to suit a homeowner’s taste and personality. Staging is designing a space to suit everyone! Decorating costs money. Staging makes you money!

Are there any statistics to support investing in property styling?

Statistics show that styled properties sell for more money and faster than comparable homes that are not styled. The Real Estate Staging Association’s Statistics Report released in February 2009, documented the following:

In 2007, vacant properties, previously on the market unsold for over 4 months, were then styled and sold in 6 weeks (68% fewer days on market).

In 2008, vacant properties, previously on the market unsold for over 6 months, were then styled and sold in 4 weeks (85% fewer days on market).

In 2007, occupied properties, previously on the market unsold for over 3 months, were then styled and sold in 6 weeks (47% fewer days on the market).

In 2008, occupied properties, previously on the market unsold for 2 months, were then styled and sold in 1 week (90% fewer days on the market).

How long will property styling take? We're so busy with everything else going on in our lives!

That of course depends on the scope of work, such as painting, repairs, editing of personal belongings, etc. However, as professional stylists, we excel at project management and can expedite the entire process for you if you wish. Styling you home will never be a waste of time because it actually saves time by reducing the number of days your house is on the market!

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