Our Work

SOLD at Auction for $40,000 above reserve......

We recently assisted with the sale of property that had been owned by the one family for 40 years.  The owners agreed to paint, install new carpet and undertake other minor work that was required to ensure the house appealed to a wide range of buyers.   Decor Interior Style then styled the home utlising the owners furtnure, which was complimented with accessories hired from us......the results speak for themself...



SOLD IN 2 WEEKS for full asking price....

A semi vacant home, very small budget, using a few items the home owner already had....








Another vacant staging

It sold in under 3 weeks for the full asking price. The house was purchased by a person that viewed it in the first day that it was listed on the internet.  Thios goes to prove that staging and great photos attract buyers.

A great result for the owner

Consultations are cost effective service to help you prepare your home for sale.  Here are a few examples of homes ready for sale following a consultation.






















West Melton

Salon Matisse


Caroline Springs

Caffe la via