Effective Real Estate Photo Tips

Effective Real Estate Photo Tips

Ok, so you’ve got your house nice and clean, you’re committed to selling it, you have an excellent agent on your side who’s going to get you top dollar for your home, so what’s next?

How happy I am that you asked that: Pictures.

That’s right.  It’s time to give you house it’s very own exclusive photo shoot.  The main purpose of these pictures is to, believe it or not, save time for you.  Beautiful and effective pictures will act as a natural filtering process for home buyers and send only the serious inquires in your direction.

So what are some tips to show off your house and attract only the serious inquires?

  1. Style your home.  Show off the space and what it can do, not what’s in it.  Set the scene for action.  Accent any blank areas or wide open spaces with picture frames or flowers.
  2. Use natural light as much as possible for interior shots.  Throw open the curtains, doors, and windows to let in as much of the sun as you can.  This allows for the room’s natural color to be perfectly captured.  Avoid using any flash as this can create unnatural shadows and reflections.
  3. Don’t distort the picture by ‘trick photography’ such as wide-angled lenses.  Yes, we all want our houses to look the best they can be, and sometimes even better.  But if someone sees a picture of your huge, spacious living room only to see in person it’s the size of a matchbox, they will be upset and you just wasted theirs and your time.  Make your home look the way it’s supposed to look.
  4. Shoot from the corner.  Squeeze yourself into the smallest corner of the room that you can in order to capture the entire room.  Don’t waste your time with two pictures, one of each half of the room, that you take from standing in the center.
  5. And finally, this is to get the most from your listing, so invest in a decent camera if you don’t already have one.  DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE CAMERA.  There’s also no need to go broke buying equipment either.  Anything from 6+ megapixels to a digital SLR will definitely get the job done.

There you have it.  Now you are all ready to go out there, capture the best side of your house, and create a killer listing for it.  Remember, you are trying to show people that your house is the house that will stop their searching.  Show them what it’s capable of doing.