Interior Design

It can often be difficult picking the right colours and finishes to suit your home.

We can help you refine any options you maybe considering, find complementary colours for your existing scheme and furnishings or work with you to create a new and exciting area of your home.

We also design, project manage and fitout commercial and retail spaces.


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Interior Decoration

This service makes use of the existing structural space, while maximising its appeal. The area is enhanced through better space management, new furniture, window treatments, flooring, colour and so on. This is a great way to improve your current environment without making any building adjustments.

Property Styling

A common misconception is that property styling is just rearranging furniture.   Property styling when you are listing your home for sale is a comprehensive service.  As well as working with your own furniture, we can arrange hiring additinal pieces and accessories if need to update your decor and enhance your home’s overall appeal. 

We have a range of staging options for you to select from.